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Taming Your Enterprise Fax Environment



Recapping Release of Biscom EFM

We’re marking two months since the release of Biscom Enterprise Fax Management (EFM). Biscom EFM brings together a complete set of tools that allows you to maximize the value of your fax solution. With a ‘single pane of glass’, Enterprise Fax Management shows the health, performance, and compliance of your fax environment. It allows you to define and apply standardized configuration policies for every component of the solution – and monitor for their compliance.

Enterprise fax environments are larger, more complex, and more demanding than ever. Using Biscom’s flexible architecture, customers are often running multiple fax solutions such as fax-to-email, production fax, fax-workflow, and fax-system integrations (EMR, CRM, SAP, etc.). Furthermore, there are fax servers, fax queues (services), and SMTP gateways that need to be monitored and managed. When you have these types of environments, making sure you’re running and configured correctly can take considerable time and resources.

To simplify things, EFM brings together key functionality in a single solution. Specifically, it allows you to monitor and manage both the performance and compliance of the environment from a single view – or Console. Consoles can be configured to show the entire environment or only specific users, devices, solutions, or processes. This allows organizations to get the ‘big-picture’ while also giving the ability to create custom views for specific parts of the environment. By creating different views, organizations can distribute management tasks to specific resources. For example, creating a view for the desktop software group managing the fax-to-email solution while another group, with different users and SLAs, could manage a production fax process.

While monitoring the performance of the system is very valuable, a solution would be incomplete without the ability to manage configurations. Each component of a fax solution has many configuration parameters that define how the system works and processes faxes. To make things easier, we developed Policies, which are collections of configuration settings. Policies can be created, managed, and monitored using the Console. Policies can be automatically rolled-out or modified in Enterprise Fax Management, but for real-time information, the Console shows what components are being monitored and creates an alarm if a configuration becomes out-of-compliance. The system also logs a complete history of changes and supports roll-back.

One of our earliest adopters of EFM came through our reseller Instant InfoSystems. The company is one of the world’s most experienced value-added providers of enterprise fax and document automation solutions. For more than 25 years, the company has solved complex challenges for Fortune 1000 customers in nearly every industry, helping organizations manage their critical documents—and the data contained within them—more efficiently, intelligently, and securely.

At Biscom we focus on fax, continuing to develop our solutions and lead innovation in the industry. Enterprise Fax Management is just another example of how we provide cutting-edge enhancements for our fax solutions. Our customers and partners depend on us to continue to bring valuable solutions to market.

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