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TechThanksgiving: Or How I Learned to Extend My Marketing Stack



Add Biscom Transit to Your Marketing Stack

Every marketer has a marketing stack. It includes all the tools we use to share our message to prospects and customers – social tools, the marketing automation system, SEO tools, design tools, metrics tools, with the list growing depending on your role and goals. As I did my annual review of my marketing stack (it’s renewal season), I asked myself – what tool has made my job easier?

After a brief glance at my mobile phone, I had an epiphany. Despite my love of new marketing tools and the ease they bring to our efforts, it was one tool that saved the day over and over again – Biscom Transit.

Sure, you’re saying. That’s a load of buffalo snot. What about Google Analytics? What about your CRM?

You’re right. There are tools that I can’t do my job without given the digital marketing landscape today. And then there are tools that make my job easier. Transit fits into the latter and that’s why I am giving thanks for it.

While Transit has been available to the general public for less than a month, as part of Biscom’s UX efforts, the marketing team has been using Transit for almost six months.

I won’t lie. Usually when marketing gets pulled into a UX test, I do my obligatory feedback and move on. I enjoy seeing the new product features in beta testing, but that’s so I can write about them and share them with customers. But Transit quickly became part of the team’s regular marketing stack.

Marketing works with a group of vendors who help with design, public relations, and other marketing efforts. Sharing files via email is a pain – we hit size limits on both sides, we eat up mailbox storage space, and it’s just not secure. Transit solved this entirely.


  • Transit allows us to send messages to our vendors and have them respond securely, even replying with the inclusion of large files. We are able to keep files and information moving on a single platform.
  • Because we are using a single platform, we can find all the work product in one place, without struggling to search between the myriad of systems our vendors use.
  • Unlike some cloud storage solutions, the messages we send are grouped in a thread, so we can easily look back and understand the changes and iterations in a press release or video script.
  • We aren’t scrambling to figure out how to send twenty new screenshots or share huge video files. In less than sixty seconds we can have the big files on their way to our partners.
  • We know when our vendors have received the files and downloaded them.
  • We never have to explain the tool to anyone. The email-like interface requires no time to learn.
  • While we aren’t necessarily worried about someone seeing a sneak peek of our latest Transit demo video, there’s a peace of mind in knowing that whatever we are sending is secure.
While some industries require a tool like Transit due to regulatory compliance, plenty of others need a tool like Transit to make their jobs a little easier. Thanks to the simplicity and easy integration into our work flow and the work flows of our external teams, Transit has officially become part of the Biscom Marketing Stack. I’m thankful to Transit for helping us secure our marketing ecosystem and making our lives just a little easier. I recommend you check it out to see how it can make your job easier and your work more secure.

Contact us and see why you should add Transit to your marketing stack, too!

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