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What happens when you rely on a product for your business and the company shuts it down?security-risks-business-work-risks-security-1B6GOA3

Startups are a great way to leverage innovation and new technologies, but what happens when it is no longer supported or worse, shut down? What happens to your work flow and all of your business processes? In the announcement made by Dropbox recently they stated they are shutting down Mailbox and Carousel in 2016, Mailbox was acquired by Dropbox in 2013 and Dropbox launched Carousel for photo sharing in 2014.

With the announcement, users comments vary from “I didn’t even know this product existed” to “Nooo..” Which begs the question, what happened to Dropbox’s pledge not to kill the app when they purchased it back in 2013? Justin Bariso’s post on Inc. sums things up pretty well, Dropbox Just Killed Mailbox, the Greatest Email App of All Time.

If you based your business on Carousel or Mailbox, what do you do now that these services are disappearing? It is always a good practice as part of due diligence to consider operating history and longevity.  Always try to use an established player in the industry with a proven track record.  Running a business always contains risk but the value of stability and longevity will always endure.