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GartnerGartner’s “MarketScope for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing” is a valuable resource for companies looking to adopt an enterprise-grade file synchronization and sharing solution (EFSS). It presents a thorough overview of the market and main vendors, and touches on the three architecture options (pure cloud, on-premises and hybrid) and when each might be most appropriate.

Authors Monica Basso and Jeffrey Mann are spot-on in pointing out that many solutions from existing vendors “do not fully meet enterprise control needs for security, compliance and management.” It’s critical that companies—particularly those in more tightly regulated industries like legal, financial services, healthcare and government—choose a vendor who can address these areas. Companies should look for an EFSS vendor that offers not only top-notch encryption but should consider choosing an on-premises, as opposed to pure or hybrid cloud, if they have issues with comingling data with others. Companies should also be sure to develop a comprehensive bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy—keeping in mind that many employees continue to use services like Dropbox, which are fine for general consumer use, but have not been proven to be secure in a corporate setting, where confidentiality and protection of intellectual property (IP) is key. In fact, earlier this month Dropbox was an element of the hacking of the New York Times.

For Biscom’s take on EFSS in the healthcare market, check out this article from Bill Ho, recently published in Healthcare IT News.

Is your company looking for an enterprise synchronization and sharing solution? What are your main goals and concerns?