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Judging from the crowds at Centricity Live/CHUG in Boston, the $27 billion EMR market is booming. While the programs were interesting, the crowds were large, and the vendors doing good business, there were three things that stood-out at this year’s show.

  • The Centricity ecosystem is thriving. Although there are new vendors in the space and positioning is changing. GE’s Centricity platform remains a market-leader. And, as such, there were a whole host of new products that integrated with or extended the functionality of Centricity. From both established market leaders to new startups, companies looking to capitalize on the penetration of Centricity were building for the future.


  • Faxing remains important to Centricity users. A core functionality of EMR systems is sharing information with other providers, partners, and insurers. As fax remains a dominant communication method for many in healthcare, enabling faxing from within Centricity is very valuable. Specifically, by enabling faxing from within Centricity, users don’t have to use multiple systems or use manual processes that take time and introduce errors. Instead, users can simply select the files within Centricity, select an address, and fax.


  • Faxing multiple documents within a single fax is also quite valuable to Centricity users. Using our products CV and CV+, users can fax from within Centricity. MultiDoc removes the single-document fax limitation. The product allows Centricity users to fax multiple patient chart documents to multiple recipients at one time. Users can select any individual signed chart document (and attachments to those chart documents) to fax. MultiDoc gives users the power to send multiple documents, multiple attachments, to multiple recipients, all within Centricity.

It was a pleasure to see our customers, meet new folks looking for fax solutions, and learn more about the thriving ecosystem. Thanks to GE for putting on a great event. See you next year!