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Secure Messaging Made Easy for Businesses

At Biscom, we believe companies should not have to sacrifice usability for security when sharing confidential files or emails. With expectations from your customers and clients to keep their information secure, as well as new compliance requirements like GDPR, companies need to guarantee the security and protection of their sensitive data.


Biscom Transit is a secure cloud file sharing and email solution that provides businesses with a way to send documents, large files, and email messages as easily as email but with embedded encryption and activity reports that enable you to meet your security and compliance requirements.

Email was easier than other secure methods until we designed Biscom Transit.

Security made simple

• Share large files without limits
• Store files securely with cloud storage solutions
• Lock down confidential communication via secure email
• Know when your emails are received
• Make it so simple everyone can use it without training
• Increase productivity of your staff while reducing overall costs

Transit integrations complement your existing cloud storage solutions and tools including Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box.

Transit provides more security, more control, and more auditability than other cloud file sharing solutions.

Tracking and reporting are key product components, built to satisfy the most rigorous regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX, FERPA, and GDPR for businesses and regulated industries.

Why is ease-of-use so important to my security?

In a recent survey, 75% of employees admitted they sent confidential information or private files via email. Why put this data at risk?

Employees said they had training and access to secure communication tools. They all gave the same reason – convenience. On average, employees spent six minutes more per message using a secure tool versus one minute with email. Sending five secure messages a day adds up to 100 hours in a year.

We designed Transit to be incredibly easy to use, with a familiar email interface to help user adoption. Doing the right thing shouldn’t be an obstacle to getting your job done.

Looking for more?

Transit is a powerful, cloud-based tool to keep business’s private information secure, help companies maintain regulatory compliance, and remain easy enough to use for high user adoption. But sometimes you need something more. Turn to Biscom SFT for:

• On-premises deployment
• Secure workspaces
• Workflow automation

Want more details on Transit?