Provide Secure Communication

  • Communicating with and managing vaccinated and unvaccinated employee information must be secure.
  • Employers need to send recommendation behaviors and guidelines in a system that shows employees have received, opened, and downloaded.


Manage Critical Communication and Safely Return to Work

How will you securely manage vaccination and unvaccinated documentation for every employee and comply with HIPAA regulations? 

  • Able to send documents (medical results and reports) via an email-like system.
  • Know when documents have been received and opened.
  • Improve morale when guidelines are clear and widely understood.
  • A single, direct communication that is auditable, creates an audit trail and can be used in disputes.
  • Promote vaccination in the workplace notifications.
  • Communicate when/if there is an exposure to non-vaccinated employees

Choose Biscom to Protect Your Confidential Data

Biscom provides a customized communication approach to vaccinated, unvaccinated, and test results that require an audit trail, timestamp notification, and searchable system that each and every employee, vendor, and customer can participate in


See Which Biscom Solution Works Best For You

Protect Brand Risk

Alleviate Employee Concern

Vaccination and unvaccinated documentation for every employee must be managed securely and comply with HIPAA regulations.

Small Business


Return to Work Safely

Get Back to In-Person Work with Confidence  


Return to Work Safely 

Get Back to In-Person Work with Confidence  

See Which Biscom Solution Works Best For You

See Which Business Solution Works Best For You

See Which Biscom Solution Works Best For You

Small Business Solution

Share Vaccine Results With a 14-Day Free Trial

Biscom Transit is a secure cloud file sharing and email solution that provides businesses with a way to send documents, large files, and email messages as easily as email but with embedded encryption and activity reports that enable you to meet your security and compliance requirements.

Do You Need an Individual Solution?

If you work in a HIPAA, SOX, and FERPA regulated industry, your clients trust you to keep their information safe. And when customers send information that should never be in an email, they are putting themselves and your business at risk.

Biscloud is designed for small businesses that need the same level of security and reliability as our enterprise customers but just a lot simpler. 

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  • Never miss a fax
  • Re-route MFPs and stand-alone fax machines to remote workers
  • Handle surges in volume
  • Use email or web app to send and receive fax
  • Remain secure and compliant from home devices and apps 
  • Activate a Cloud Fax in minutes

Business Solution

Send and Receive Vaccine Results Securely

As you do your part to address the critical needs of your employees, customers, clients, and prospects, Biscom would like to support you with our Cloud fax platform that can help you adjust to the surge in volume and support remote workers.  

  • Secured Email
  • Transfer Large Files 
  • Encrypted Cloud File Storage
  • Integrations with Outlook, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive
  • Audit Trail Reports
  • Brandable
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