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Virtualizing your fax server allows you to leverage your existing virtualization technology offering increased flexibility as well as lower capital and operational costs (you get rid of hardware technology that you can now place beneath your company’s virtual umbrella).

What is Fax over IP?
The process of sending/receiving fax traffic via the VOIP (Voice over IP) network. Biscom works with most VOIP networks that support the T.38 protocol. When presented with obscure PBX’s, non T.38 scenarios, or even no voice PBX at all – Biscom can still provide a solution that will quickly get you up and faxing with FOIP (Fax over IP).

Virtualization requirements
VMWare VSphere 4 or later, Microsoft Server with Hyper-V or Citrix XenServer 5.0 or later. Server virtualization requirements are nominal depending on the number of fax ports required. A VM with 2 vCPU’s, 2 gb vRam, 20 gb vDisk space can handle most faxing environments.

Software considerations to take into account
The standard FAXCOM Software build supports FOIP. A one-time purchase of an SR140 virtual faxboard license will allow you to remove your hardware fax boards. You will not be able to plug hardware into your new virtualized FOIP environment.

Most installations can be handled by following the straightforward instructions found in the SR140 installation guide. Biscom Support can also be requested if you would like assistance with the installation.