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Learn how using hosted fax services as an existing business continuity (BC) solution can not only reduce, but eliminate, the risks of a communication disruption.

To learn more, here is a great white paper: 7 Steps to Business Continuity with Hosted Fax

We’ll give you the first three…

  1. (Clearly) Use a Hosted Fax Service to Replace or Supplement Your Existing Fax System
    Using a hosted fax service as a backup system is not just an obvious, but also an undeniable, fax continuity solution. Any fax machine is a potential point of failure: It can run out of paper or toner; lose its connection to the phone system; have a software / hardware problem. Any number of malfunctions cuts off fax connectivity for the users of the machine. One common alternative is to consolidate enterprise-wide fax capability on a premises-based fax server.
  2. Implement a Hosted Fax Service that Seamlessly Integrates with Your Existing Fax System

    Business continuity is hardly continuous if users have to change the way they send and receive faxes. The goal of any business leader searching for an uninterruptable fax solution is a solution that seamlessly integrates with the existing business process and which is completely transparent to the end user. Ideally, a fax system or a telephone line could fail with no impact on the business and no awareness on the part of the fax users.

  3. Set up an Available-On-Demand, Failover Hosted Fax Service (Pay Only for What You Use)

    Fax machines have associated costs: paper, toner, maintenance, and the fixed, monthly cost of a phone line. While fax servers are much more efficient, they still require fixed-cost telephony connections and maintenance – regardless of fax volumes. In other words, even when a fax machine/server fails and faxing stops, the costs continue.

Download the white paper to read more. This document describes the seven steps by which a hosted fax service can be a key component of any organization’s business continuity solution.

7 Steps to BC


Fax has become an essential part of business communications, and is potentially subject to the same risks as any other electronic process. There is, however, an existing business continuity solution that not only reduces, but can eliminate, the risks of a communications disruption: a hosted fax service.

This also decreases business costs dramatically.

Download the white paper to read more.




Why Biscom Fax Solutions? Why Not.

  • Saves costs
  • Confirmed delivery
  • Very fast (No delay) Industry grade product that works
  • Tracking: Legal proof of delivery
  • Outstanding support
  • Easy to use: Up and running in hour
  • Business continuity
  • Increased server utilization
  • Reduced software and hardware costs
  • A smaller data center footprint with no reduction in scalability
  • Simplified fax server deployment

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