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No!  Not another data breach!BYOD. Hackers. Data breaches. There’s enough going on in the world of legal IT and security to give even the most seasoned CIOs some seriously pillow-jarring nightmares.  


Well, one way to start sleeping better again is to understand what others are facing. You’ll find out quickly that your shop isn’t the only one in town with these challenges.


Take our quick poll and tell us what your greatest security challenge is this year.


The responses are starting to stream in. It’s a dead heat now for cloud-based services, mobile access and third-party collaborative sites such as Dropbox. For measures to protect data, email encryption and secure file transfer lead the responses.


But all this can change after you respond. Go ahead! The results are open for all to see in real-time and we’ll include you in a drawing for an iPad Mini as a thank you for your time and insight.  


Are you going to ILTA this year?


According to our sources at ILTA, registration for the annual ILTA conference is cresting close to 2,000! If you’ll be there, be sure to drop by our booth (#133) to take the Biscom Security Challenge.  In less than two minutes, you can discover just how easy it is to protect your file transfers like email, fax and collaboration.