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Customers, security and stability come first…

We recently discovered that Java 7 update 21 and higher may produce a warning message for end users who use the Biscom SFT applet to upload and download files and folders.

Although this message is simply a warning, this may cause concern to the users. We have already addressed the problem in our latest release, BDS 4.2.1053.

Please contact our support team for the latest BDS update and to schedule time to update your application.


[email protected]

What is Biscom SFT?

Biscom’s secure file transfer (SFT) solution, BDS, is an enterprise ad-hoc document delivery system that enables you to send large and confidential files as easily as sending email from any Web browser.

With unparalleled ease-of-use, users can quickly send files of unlimited size to anyone in the world without IT assistance. All file transfers are logged, and deliveries are confirmed – when a delivery is successfully received, the sender is notified with a read receipt via email. Detailed transaction reports tracking the status of your deliveries assist with your compliance auditing requirements.

As a web-based solution, BDS solves the ease-of-use problem, supports the largest files that FTP can send, and is significantly easier to run and manage by IT administrators. With ubiquitous browser-based access, mobile device support, and Outlook integration, BDS is the modern-day solution for aging FTP servers.

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