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watching tvWe’re in a golden age of original video content published by Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and many other studios and media companies. Some are released all at once, like Netflix’s House of Cards, while others use the traditional weekly release format. HBO’s wildly popular Game of Thrones just suffered a major content breach with hackers publishing next week’s script.

HBO’s Game of Thrones breach, along upcoming episodes of Ballers and Room 104 which were also stolen, are just the tip of the iceberg. These shows are HBO’s currency and value – with season 6’s finale bringing in nearly 9 million viewers, it’s certainly something worth protecting.

While HBO has not provided details on the breach, we can certainly think about general best practices and processes that companies like HBO can do to help prevent future breaches. Scripts and video are shared among writers, producers, directors, actors, and the host of people involved in making these shows. It’s important to make sure any sharing and collaboration of these documents and files are handled securely. We’ve helped other media companies ensure their original programming and content are stored and shared securely by encrypting at rest, requiring authentication to access content, and logging all activity to know exactly who’s doing what. Biscom’s Secure File Transfer solution also supports dynamic acceleration of large files like video and audio – by actively monitoring transfer speeds and network throughput to optimize the transfer in real time.

As fans, we love to know what’s coming up and these small disclosures give us a glimpse of what’s to come. But part of what makes watching episodes of Game of Thrones so exciting is the anticipation of the twists and turns that unfold before our eyes. Ultimately, these leaks can diminish our enjoyment, and while tempting, we want to make sure companies like HBO don’t suffer from issues like this breach that might put their programming in peril. The importance of secure online file transfers is apparent in these situations. I don’t think the legions of GoT fans want anything to put their show at risk.