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Work Hard, Play Harder



Biscom Works Hard, Plays Harder

As the saying goes, “Work hard, play harder.” Over the past year, Biscom has announced some exciting new products including:

  • Enterprise Fax Management (EFM), the first comprehensive management tool for enterprise fax environments
  • FAXCOM for Epic Integration for enhanced faxing capabilities in the Epic EMR
  • Our new cloud based secure messaging solution
  • Biscom Digital Fax

In celebration of the company’s achievements, employees participated in team-building, bonding activities, delicious barbeque, and scrumptious ice cream confections during the company’s summer outing at the local Kimball Farm.

The outing started with the annual “Biscom Cornhole Tournament”, teaming new employees and Biscom veterans to battle for the hotly contested Biscom Cornhole Champion title. Employees rooted each other on, beanbags were flying in every direction, and new strengths were discovered among team members. Working with employees out of the office always keeps things exciting—we even found out our new Business Development Representative, Chris Gayowski, was a competitive cornhole master in his not so long ago youth. (Despite his bragging, his team did not advance past the first round.)

“The Biscom summer outing was a lot of fun. Everybody was super friendly and active. I’m thankful to be a part of an amazing crew,” said Christina Lay, Biscom’s new Support Call Administrator.

After the 2018 Cornhole Champions were crowned and bragging rights were secured, employees moved to food and more fun. Employees golfed, hit the driving range, visited the petting zoo, zip lined, knocked it out of the park at the batting cages, and gave each other whip lash at the bumper boats.

There is always a lot of effort that goes on behind the scenes to coordinate these summer outings and we tip our hats to Debora Guild, Biscom’s Administration and Human Resource Manager and Kevin Fraser, Director of Support and the “Biscom Cornhole Tournament” Coordinator, two key organizers who make it all possible.

“Having been a part of twenty-two annual Biscom outings, I must say that these events are such a bonding experience between employees.  For many of us, Biscom is our extended family and to be able to connect outside of the office with those that we spend so many work hours with is just fantastic,” says Kevin.

There’s also a huge debt owed to the support team who kept things running back at the office so the rest of the employees could indulge in ice cream and summer sports. Biscom prides itself on its superior customer support and every year team members volunteer to man the phones so customers continue to receive prompt solutions to any issues they encounter.

The summer outing is not only a nice change of pace for employees, and a chance to connect in a different environment, but it’s also an opportunity to acknowledge employees’ daily efforts and accomplishments. Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom explains, “It’s always great to get out of the office and do something fun. It’s also a chance for people to mingle and talk to others they may not in the normal course of their day. And the outing is a big thank you to the team for all the work they do to help make Biscom successful.”

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