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The mythical hydra has a great talent – one that is often referenced when faced with an impossible task.  If you lop off one of its heads, two more spring up in its place. But did you know that the hydra also had poisonous breath and virulent blood?  As if regeneration weren’t enough, now you have to deal with death breath.

Many professionals in IT may feel like they’re facing their own version of the hydra these days: security risks. Every time one is resolved, two to three more may crop up. Data breaches. Hackers. Unsecured transmissions. Mobile device management. Even user error.

Take these publicized security breaches for example:

At Black Hat, a presenter demonstrated how to use XSS and Google Street View data to determine a person’s physical location.

Clearly, the war for security has expanded to multiple fronts and the winners are those with vision, a clear strategy and the right tools. Charles Magliato, Biscom’s legal program director, discusses this further in this video.

What weapons do you have in your arsenal? Which one do you consider the most valuable from a security perspective? Leave a comment below. 

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Because remember this – You can’t spell security without I and T!