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Announcing Biscom Transit – Simplifying Secure Messaging and Large File Transfer with Usability and Simplicity



Biscom Transit

We’re proud to announce our newest product – Biscom Transit. Transit is a cloud-based large file transfer and secure messaging solution. With Transit, we aimed to build an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that mimics the look and behavior of email and delivers the powerful security that makes Biscom an industry-leader.

Usability was key to our development strategy. From a national survey we conducted (download here), we discovered the biggest obstacle for people sharing protected data securely was the complexity of available tools. 75% of respondents admitted they sent confidential files via insecure email rather than spending a reported six minutes to send a message. Take a minute to do that math.

6 minutes/message x 4 messages a day = 8 hours a month
That’s over 100 hours a year.

With this in mind, our development team put extra effort into making the Transit user experience intuitive.

Along with usability, Transit was designed to meet the rigorous requirements of regulated industries where our solutions have always dominated – healthcare, financial services, and legal. The same security that allows Transit to meet HIPAA or SOX compliance applies to all industries sharing confidential business files or personally identifiable information (PII).

Transit’s key features include:

  • Large file sharing – Send large files with confidence and without size limits of traditional email
  • Secure Messaging – Share private and confidential information Integrations – Integrated with cloud storage providers like Dropbox to provide a single security and tracking overlay for all corporate information sharing
  • FIPS 140-2 certified AES 256-bit encryption – Transit has been certified for Federal Government deployment, for the highest levels of security
  • Multi-tenancy – Each customer is provided its own space to store data that is not commingled with any other customer
  • Compliance role – Provides significant insight, transparency, and governance to the organization, especially valuable for regulated industries
  • Pseudonymization – Obfuscation layer protects data and helps meet GDPR compliance
  • Mobile-friendly – Send and receive messages and files on any mobile device

Transit will evolve – adding more functionality, integrations, and capabilities. Click here to learn more about the product. And sign up for our newsletter list to stay up to date on the latest Transit features.

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