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Trusted by retail and commercial banking, insurance, consumer credit, and government agencies like the IRS. Reliable solutions for financial services.

Our security, reliability, and scalability standards for cloud fax and secure file transfer are trusted by financial leaders.

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Customer Retention

Loyalty requires a commitment to creating seamless communication workflows. Financial workers need to focus on customer service by having the right information at the perfect time – and from any device, application, or platform. Biscom fax and secure file transfer solutions deliver on the promise of exceptional service that builds and retains customers. 

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Security is paramount. Yet, adding security makes the software more complex and difficult to use. We look at security as a technology AND user experience – so employees don’t resort to methods that put you at risk. 

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Our SOX compliant solutions also feature detailed audit trails, automation, synchronization, file translation, and the fastest delivery. 

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Operational Efficiency

Optimizing workflows save time and money – and addresses worker productivity. Advance Fax Routing and Enterprise Fax Management are modules that handle the inherent complexity of financial workflows. 

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Our long history of technical innovation, Biscom integrates with CRMs, Sharepoint, and has an extensive API library. 

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Trusted by the world’s largest financial companies

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Intermex Uses Biscom’s Fax Solution to Help Workers Support Their Families

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Regional Bank Streamlines Flow of Confidential Files with Biscom’s SFT Solution  

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“We looked at other file transfer solutions but none were as easy to use and as secure as Biscom SFT. 

– Rockland Trust

“The speed of the system was felt immediately throughout the entire organization. Biscom Fax made the transaction much quicker and smoother—for many of these workers, sending money to their family at the end of the week for things like medicine and school can be one of the few chances they have to interact and communicate with their loved ones.”  


No other hardware or equipment was required to use the service – except for Microsoft®Exchange, which INSURICA already used.  Biscom’s Microsoft® Outlook module meant that none of INSURICA’s users needed to learn a new system; if connected to the email server, you’re connected to Biscom’s hosted fax service.”  


It’s the best fax for anyone in the financial industry.

– New England Bank 


Sharing Information

Sharing sensitive financial data or customer and personnel details is critical to your operations

The True Cost of Enterprise Fax

Today’s fax environments can be highly complex because of interconnected.

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Secure File Transfer Solution

Before investing in an SFT solution... 

At the end of the day, you’re only as good as your most inefficient and unproductive financial workflow. Let us share our vast experience.


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