Security, Accountability, and Ease of Use

Sharing information, particularly sensitive financial data, customer and personnel details is critical to financial services operations. We have found three major concerns when sharing information both internally and externally.

1. Security – making sure all data are secure when messages and documents are being sent and received, but also when stored. Data needs to be secure both in transit and at rest. Stored data that is encrypted also raises the bar for notification if there is a corporate data breach.

2. Accountability – it’s important to understand who, what, and when – for internal accountability, more visibility, and supports internal and external audits.

3. Ease of use – if the tool is hard to use it’s going to be an uphill battle to get widespread adoption. A good user experience is key to ensuring you’re getting the most value out of your investment. A recent research survey we conducted showed that 75% of people who had access to secure tools chose not to use them because of complexity. Usability actually helps security by increasing adoption.

When choosing a secure messaging solution, look to address these three areas to maximize productivity while enhancing your security posture simultaneously.

First appearing in Massachusetts Bankers Association’s MassBankers eNews November edition.


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