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Our security, reliability, and scalability standards for on-prem, hybrid, cloud fax and secure file transfer are best-in-class in the legal and government industries.

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Trusted by the world’s largest law firms and U.S. government agencies

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Biscom solves the document sharing challenges that law firms face with a secure file transfer platform that is proven, easy to use, and has full auditing capabilities. Attorneys and clients can easily exchange information in a timely and secure manner.

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“Biscom was a win/win for IT and the staff. If a client needs a file right away, an attorney or paralegal can send it without any—or with minimal—IT involvement. And IT gets to sleep at night. 

Outten & Golden, LLP

Our attorneys and clients are most comfortable with e-mail, and the Biscom Outlook plug-in automates the process. The attorney never has to worry that his document will bounce back.”  

Riemer & Braunstein LLP

Biscom was painless. It was up and running quickly. Literally, the firm was able to set it and forget it—meaning IT could concentrate on larger projects and big picture initiatives.”  

Zuckerman Spaeder, LLP

You use it once, you can use it a million times, I was transferring files within five minutes.” And as more lawyers use it within the firm, the benefits are multiplying, particularly in collaboration: Using Biscom SFT I can confirm that the clients get every document returned to them in an organized manner which makes it much easier and efficient on their end.

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP 


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