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No matter your preference, Biscom can deploy an enterprise fax solution that fits your needs.

Enterprise fax solutions for companies that need best of breed

Enterprise fax needs today are more sophisticated as companies increasingly integrate fax into their workflows, applications, and back-end systems.

Biscom’s goal is to transform companies from legacy fax machines to pure digital faxes with automation, security, and reporting for companies that need to understand how information flows into and out of their organization. A modular architecture that supports pluggable add-ons such as policy-based and intelligent routing, enterprise fax management, real-time dashboards, OCR and bar code scanning, and other automated document processing. Developers can take advantage of REST APIs to tightly integrate back-end systems such as EMRs, CRM, and ERP – to make fax workflows seamless.

We have products for all. The possibilities for growing your business are endless:

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