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The most reliable, scalable fax system trusted by hundreds of regulated industries.

“In five years, Biscom has never gone down once” 

Hear how our exceptionally reliable technology and award-winning technical support enabled Intermex to deliver to its commitments to customers with no downtime for over five years. 


FAXCOM Exceeds the Most Rigorous Requirements

Total Control, Piece of Mind

While the traditional fax server was based on software and fax boards connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) central office or to a local PBX, today’s fax server is typically a software solution that is implemented 

  • In a virtualized environment 
  • Fax over IP 
    • Supports T.38 for real-time FoIP

Extensive Capabilities, Virus-Free Communications

Fax communication is a point-to-point, real-time delivery regardless of how it is implemented. Fax is also a virus-free communication which is a significant reason it continues to dominate the information delivery for regulated industries.

  • Email, web, desktop, and mobile users interfaces  
  • SDK for application programming interfaces 
  • OCR, barcode, and rules-based fax routing 
  • Can receive faxes as searchable PDFs 

business continuity made easy

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Virtualized Server

Uses Dialogic Brooktrout SR140

Enables a seamless integration with Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, and Dialogic Voice over IP networks, and media gateways.


Virtualized without VoIP Network

A VoIP not needed to deploy FoIP

Uses an application to seamlessly merge the PSTN with an IP Voice network or application which connects using analog lines, PRI, or T1 E&M.

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Flexible Architecture

Provides unprecedented scalability

A server and queues structure allows easy distribution of multiple queues. Each queue can support a group or application and can be administered independently of the server itself.

customer Reviews

“The speed of the system was felt immediately throughout the entire organization. “Biscom’s On-Prem Fax has not only made the transaction much quicker, but also smoother.”  

– William Verez, Intermex

“Staff members love the user interface and manager review queries. It is so organized and easy to use. It makes their jobs much easier.”  

– Suzanne Lillie, Shields Health Care Group

“The Biscom On-prem fax solution not only provided the performance, ease-of-use, and data protection required, but also implemented Biscom’s Advanced Fax Routing that automated their business processes. Since the initial implementation, Biscom has reduced the time it took to manually scan, file, and send medical records by over 60% resulting in saving a staggering 65 person-weeks a year! ”  

– Sandi Clark, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

“In five years, Biscom has never gone done once.” 

– William Verez, Intermex

“We no longer have problems with system flow or performance. We are able to route by any ANI and OCR. Inbound orders received via fax or via online ordering are indexed and the application creates the workflow according to programmed business rules.” 

Suzanne Lillie, Shields Health Care Group

“What we like best is there are so many possible solutions for our customers within your products – we’ve never had to look very far for several solutions to meet our business partner needs.” 

– Operating Systems Engineer, Fortune 100 bank


Everything you’d expect from the inventors of the enterprise fax technology

Operational Efficiency

Flexible and Efficient

Our On-Prem Fax solution have built-in flexibility and scalability. It can integrate with virtually any computing platform or network.


Exceeds Stringent Security

When integrated with Secure File Transfer, Biscom provides authenticated access, robust encryption both in-transit and at-rest with a detailed audit trail.

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Compliance & Audit Trail

HIPAA, SOX, and FERPA and a complete audit trail of communication.

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Connect with API

Software Development Kit (SDK) provides APIs including .NET and Web Services, COM, SMTP, Envelope Specification (File Drop), Fax Printer Driver, DocFlow (document Templating; and Command Language).

A visual monitoring tool that provides advanced fax analytics in real time.

A rules-based utility for specifying action that automatically route incoming faxes.

Collects translation information from every serve and queue to create a SQL database from you can track report on all fax activity.

Support for iPad, iPhone and Android users to send, receive, sign, and annotate faxes. 

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