Biscom Fax and Secure File Transfer Solutions

It’s time to modernize your back office operations and communications protocols to meet the challenges of a changing world. Secure your fax, file sharing, and email messaging with Biscom enterprise messaging solutions.

Biscom solves secure communication for regulated industries

 The world’s leading enterprises depend on our digital fax, secure file transfer, and secure email solutions to run their businesses.

Communication and document sharing needs continue to evolve and Biscom solutions are helping modernize the communications infrastructure of today’s enterprises. The Biscom platform supports secure fax, file transfer, email, and collaboration – to meet the latest compliance requirements and address privacy and security concerns that are key criteria for doing business in the 21st century. While Biscom supports all types of industries and verticals, regulated sectors are most in need of a secure and robust communications platform. See how Biscom has helped these mission critical organizations achieve their secure information exchange needs while minimizing disruptions.


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HIPAA Compliant Faxing/SFT

Extensive experience in claims and billing, patient discharge, medical records, pharmacy, drug development, and workflows.

Integrated with Epic, Cerner and other EMRs for ePHI sharing, release of information, prescriptions, pre-authorizations, referrals, and other protected health information delivery. 

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SOX Compliant Faxing/SFT

Financial information requires deft handling and security to accelerate transactions, prevent fraud, and manage customer and client expectations.

Complex workflow automation help facilitate mortgage and insurance claim processing, brokerage communication, credit monitoring, and banking transactions.

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Government and Legal

FIPS 140-2 Certified Faxing/SFT

Law firms and government agencies maintain highly sensitive data and must protect it with end-to-end encryption, audit trails, automatic notifications, and privacy tools.

Biscom supports the increasingly demanding security needs that law firms and government agencies require by implementing end-to-end security, including AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest.

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What we’re focused on

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Digital Transformation

On-prem to Cloud or Analog to Digital Fax, efficiency is top of mind for every CIO.

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Transitioning to Cloud

Cloud Fax or Cloud Secure file transfer gives you the highest availability and speed without sacrificing security.

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Automating Complex Workflows

Biscom has automated some of the most complex workflows — and we are ready to help you.

Out of compliance can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue, fines, and customer trust.

Predicting digital fax needs can lead to overspending on solutions you rarely need – there is a better way to scale.

Biscom is constantly working on solutions that address industry and government security regulations.

We work closely with regulated organizations to manage the most critical secure communications. In our 34 years, we’ve seen it all. Biscom simplifies the complex.  

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