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Secure Managed File Transfer

Biscom secure document delivery solutions are designed from the ground up to be intuitive, secure, and enterprise-ready. Lock down your enterprise communication and file sharing today.

Choose between Cloud and On-prem Secure File Transfer, but never compromise

Both on-prem and cloud solutions support simple, secure, and fast file transfer – it all depends on what your organization needs, and we can help you choose. For extremely large terabyte-size files and automation utilities, with granular administrative control and configuration, choose Biscom On-prem Secure File Transfer. For fast adoption, broad support for all browsers and mobile devices as a pure SaaS offering and no software on-site, Biscom Cloud SFT may be a better fit. Either way, you will enjoy end-to-end security with FIPS 140-2 certified encryption at rest, full tracking and reporting, and notifications when your messages and files are opened and downloaded.

Biscom solutions

Biscom SFT

Biscom On-Prem SFT

Fully configurable and support for unlimited file sizes

  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in with policy-based deliveries
  • Send files of any size – only limited by the size of your hard drive (terabyte+ size files)
  • Microsoft AD integration for authentication and role assignment
  • Multi-factor authentication – SMS and Authenticator support
  • Web browser integration with Global Address List (GAL)
  • User-friendly replacement to FTP with better security and auditing
  • Automation tools for automatic file downloads and envelope-based deliveries – no coding required
  • REST APIs available for application integrations
  • Global configuration for expiration and deletion schedules – keeps your server clean
  • Supports high availability and clustering
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Sophos AV integration
  • ICAP support for DLP and Anti-virus platforms
    Biscom Cloud SFT(Transit)

    Biscom Cloud SFT

    Pure SaaS file transfer – no software to install, nothing to maintain

      • A responsive web app supports browsers and mobile devices 
      • Camera roll connector – enables you to send photos and videos directly from your mobile device
      • Included cloud file storage provides an easy way to access your files while on the road or when working remotely
      • Full history and audit trail, with email notification when your secure messages are viewed and your attachments downloaded
      • Microsoft Outlook plug-in, no Microsoft Exchange attachment size limits
      • Out of the box cloud storage integration with Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox – share cloud files securely without bypassing your corporate IT policies
      • Dashboard shows key usage and activity metrics
      • Version control – can roll back to previous revisions
      • Mult-tenant architecture isolates and secures customer data
      • REST APIs available for application integration

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    When choosing the right SFT solution for your company, make sure you ask these questions. 

    Which product is right for you?

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    Secure Email
    Microsoft Active Directory Support
    Multi-factor Authentication
    Secondary Password
    ICAP Support
    Share Any Type of File
    No File Size Limit
    FTP Replacement
    Email Notification on Receipt and Download
    Robust Reporting
    Collaborative Workspaces
    Mobile App
    Mobile Friendly
    Microsoft Outlook Add-In
    Microsoft OneDrive

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