Internal Cybersecurity Threats

We’ve all heard the tropes about employees and basic human behavior being a risk to your cybersecurity protections. Suspecting the risk of unsecure data sharing is one thing. We wanted to know the numbers behind the risk.

We recently commissioned a survey asking employees at over 600 companies across twenty industries about how they shared private information, confidential documents, and protected information. The numbers were shocking.

Even with significant training, availability of secure tools, the looming threat of enormous government fines, and the severe impact the loss of sensitive data can have on customers and companies, many employees continue to bypass security policies and put their organizations at considerable risk by sharing files using insecure tools. The infographic below provides a few of the key points we discovered.

With IT security spending reported to reach $170 billion by 2020, it’s critical for companies to understand which tools work best for their needs and their employees. Our full ebook delves into the reasons employees choose risk over security and what might motivate them to stop. Want to learn all the details? Read our full survey results.