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Our security, reliability, and scalability standards for digital fax and secure file transfer are best-in-class.

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Patient Satisfaction

The promise of patient-centric care requires a commitment to creating seamless communication workflows across the entire patient journey. Healthcare workers need the right information at the right time – and on any device, application, or platform. Biscom healthcare fax and secure file transfer solutions deliver on the promise of exceptional patient care.

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Security is paramount. Yet, adding security can make the software more complex and difficult to use. We look at security as a technology AND user experience – blending the two so employees don’t resort to workarounds that put you at risk.

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Our HIPAA compliant solutions also feature detailed audit trails, automation, synchronization, file translation, and the fastest delivery. You no longer need to worry about accidental or incidental PHI exposure. We help healthcare organizations meet and exceed their security and privacy requirements for HIPAA.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Optimizing workflows save time and money – and addresses healthcare worker burnout. To handle the inherent complexity of healthcare workflows, we’ve developed Advance Fax Routing and Enterprise Fax Management – to reduce manual work through automation, and real-time visibility into your entire fax environment.

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Our long history of technical innovation has led to Biscom being the only provider with direct integration with EPIC, Cerner Millenium, and Hewlett Packard’s Digital Healthcare. We also integrate with Centricity  and Siemens, as well as MFP systems.

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Release of Information

HIM Departments that must deliver large medical records and patient charts to the myriad of ancillary health organizations and 3rd parties have document delivery options of fax and secure document delivery. Sending a several thousand page record can be done quickly and securely, and being browser-based makes it accessible to any organization without any special software to install and configure.

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Trusted by the world’s largest healthcare companies for healthcare fax and SFT Solutions.

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Biscom and Epic

Maximizes the value of your Epic solution

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We wanted to make it as simple and with as few clicks as possible.” Ultimately ease-of-use was the top-selling point for Biscom.” 

– Children’s Hospital, Boston

“There were three factors that came into play when making our final decision to hire a new fax provider. First, we needed a platform with consistently high send/receive success rates. Second, it should be intuitive and easy for the end-user. And third, it must seamlessly support our IT teams. After we tested all the solutions, we realized Biscom was all of those things and more.”  

– Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

“During the research period, I didn’t see any other product that had a complete hosted package for our company.”  


“We chose Epic for our EHR, and we knew Biscom had a good relationship with Epic and tight integration with the system, so that made it the logical choice for fax. The biggest impact is that the percentage of successful faxes has skyrocketed. We are now running a 98.6% successful fax rate.”

– OrthoVirginia


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Our vast experience in creating healthcare workflows deliver exceptional patient experience, efficiency, and productivity.

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