Intermex Chooses Biscom Fax Solution

Every day, thousands of immigrant workers across the United States depend on Intermex to transfer money to their loved ones in Latin America. Because many immigrant workers do not have credit cards and have limited access to banks, quickly and securely sending money back home can be challenging. Intermex, the leading processor of money transfer services in the United States to Latin America, strives to make transfers quick and easy. With more than 3,000 locations, and services in 45 states and 16 Latin American countries, Intermex is dedicated to helping its customers’ families.


Thousands of immigrant workers rely on wiring services to support their families in Latin America, however, fax confirmation receipts were slow. Intermex’s fax system was prone to losing faxes which further delayed money transfers, and significant staff time was spent trying to track down and fix these problems. These delays left customers distressed, impatient, and angry.

“When they can only send one text message, or only have a few minutes left on the phone to say, ‘Hey, I just sent the money,’ it’s our job to make sure the money gets there,” said William Velez, CIO of Intermex. “That’s why getting the fax there is so important.”

With nearly 300,000 confirmation receipts faxed to Intermex’s local agents each month, Intermex needed a solution that was fast, seamless, and reliable.

A Fast, Consistent, and Reliable Solution

Intermex initially sought out several different vendors for a new fax solution with requirements for speed, consistency, and reliability. Evaluation of fax solutions included performance analysis, API review, reporting, and financial ROI analysis. Intermex selected Biscom after earning top scores in every category.

Intermex was not only impressed by the FAXCOM solution itself, but by the superior technical knowledge of the Biscom team. “As a technical company, we have high standards and expectations. When we asked questions about FAXCOM, Biscom was quick to bring in its engineers who not only knew what they were talking about but answered all of our inquiries,” said Velez.

Biscom Helps Workers Wire Money

Since implementing Biscom, sending faxes and confirming receipts, is 50% faster. “The speed of the system was felt immediately throughout the entire organization,” noted Velez. “Biscom has not only made the transaction much quicker but also smoother—for many of these workers, sending money to their family at the end of the week for things like medicine and school can be one of the few chances they have to interact and communicate with their loved ones.”

Biscom has also helped speed up processes for several other parts of Intermex, including marketing and compliance. Local agents have also seen tremendous improvements in efficiency and sender satisfaction. “For our agents, it’s results that matter,” said Velez. “Biscom truly delivered, and we’ve seen very material and tangible results.”

Reducing errors and decreasing the time it takes to send and receive a fax has not only helped increase satisfaction for Intermex customers but has helped contribute to the well-being of many families in Latin America.

“At the end of the day, it’s not just about timing, it’s about ensuring that the money gets there because that’s what truly matters to our customers.”




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Miami, FL


  • Old fax system was unreliable
  • Troubleshooting wasted valuable time
  • Faxing was too slow, delaying transfers
  • Biscom FAXCOM fax server
  • Eliminated faxing errors greatly enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Reduced the amount of time Intermex staff had to troubleshoot the system
  • Decreased time to wire money by 50%


For us it’s results that matter, Biscom truly delivered, and we’ve seen very material and tangible results.

 William Velez

Chief Information Officer, Intermex


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