Biscom Enterprise Fax for Cerner Millennium leverages industry standard FHIR APIs to enable faxing directly from patient records. 

Biscom Enterprise fax for Cerner Millennium streamlines electronic faxing by offering the following advanced features:

  • A user can initiate and send  faxes directly from the patient record.
  • The user is able to select one or multiple reports to be faxed to one or multiple related healthcare providers.
  • The integration submits the selected report(s) along with patient metadata for delivery to the Biscom enterprise fax system.
  • Biscom displays real time fax status updates in the patient record.
  • A note is placed in the patient record detailing fax metadata along with success or failure of the fax delivery.
  • The fax and related patient metadata are stored in the Biscom fax repository in the department’s sent folder.
  • Biscom fax’s advanced search capability allows a user from the sending department to search using the patient metadata associated with the fax. 

Biscom Enterprise Fax for Cerner Millennium offers the following benefits designed to increase clinician efficiency, protect patient information and improve patient care coordination:

  • Offers healthcare systems a single, enterprise fax solution that digitizes fax deliveries and automates fax workflows, including access and transmission via a web client, faxing from the patient record, and integrating paper documents via Biscom’s MFP integration.
  • Stores all fax content and metadata, both inbound and outbound, in a centralized repository with security measures that support HIPAA compliance, including controlling access via active directory authentication, tracking of all fax activity for auditing and compliance, and encrypting fax content.
  • Facilitates searching for and resending of failed faxes using patient metadata, saving significant hours that would otherwise be spent sifting through thousands of faxes. From within the patient record the user will be notified if the fax transmission failed.