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New Technology for HD Fax Routes Outbound Fax Jobs Depending on Destination Capabilities

CHELMSFORD, Mass. October 16, 2018  Biscom, a leading provider and innovator of enterprise fax solutions for regulated industries, today announced the award of a patent for high definition fax routing. The technology can detect HD-enabled devices and automatically upgrade the resolution to the highest level available in the device. This technology is a key feature of Biscom’s Digital Fax product.

Biscom Digital Fax lets users send and receive high-resolution color files with the security of fax and the ease of email. It works with computers, mobile devices, and multi-function printers (MFPs) and uses the Internet as a transport layer, obviating the need for traditional twisted pair analog phone lines.

“We know fax continues to be a core component of many business processes which is why fax innovation remains a priority at Biscom,” said founder and Chairman S.K. Ho. “This patent shows our commitment to continuing to focus on extending the capabilities and utility of fax for our enterprise customers and provides ways to improve quality and speed while reducing costs. In the past six months we’ve also launched Enterprise Fax Management to monitor and control complex fax environments, released our enhanced Epic fax integration for Epic releases 2017 and 2018, and now the advancement of color and high resolution fax in Biscom Digital Fax with this patent.”

Computer fax systems have become ubiquitous in business due to the ease of securely sending and receiving between different systems. While most faxes don’t require extremely high resolution to work, a clearer image can improve optical character recognition (OCR) for text extraction and document routing. Also, being able to transmit high resolution medical images, especially those used for diagnostic purposes, provides more accurate data for physicians. The technology behind the patent allows Digital Fax to keep the interoperability of fax, while adding the high resolution imagery required for healthcare and fax automation.

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