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Cleary Insurance Improves Cybersecurity with Biscom


William Cleary Jr. and his son William (Bill) Cleary III started Cleary Insurance in 1991. Today, Cleary is a mid-size insurance company that has won accolades as one of the best insurance companies to work for, and one of the top privately-owned agencies in Boston according to the Boston Business Journal. Cleary offers insurance for commercial and individual clients, as well as life insurance and group benefits. Over the last two and a half decades, Cleary has helped over 6000 clients navigate the increasingly complex world of insurance.

The Challenge

As Cleary grew, both organically and through acquisitions, it has been on the forefront of technology innovations, moving to a cloud-based agency management system, and offering cybersecurity insurance to technology clients. Staying on top of technology and providing insurance products in the cybersecurity space means Cleary has to embrace the ever-changing insurance requirements of an increasingly security-conscious clientele.

To help support its growing healthcare and cyber insurance practices, Cleary turned to Biscom to provide both a cybersecurity assessment and training for its employees. Cleary already knew and trusted Biscom as it used the Biscom Secure File Transfer solution to share confidential documents with clients. Understanding the importance of keeping their client information safe and secure, Cleary saw it could leverage Biscom’s cybersecurity solutions to help them adhere to security best practices.

The Solution

Through face-to-face discussions, network and application reviews with Cleary’s IT team, surveys, and questionnaires, Biscom’s cybersecurity consulting team helped Cleary identify areas that could be improved, and introduced processes to raise overall security to better meet their commitment to their customers. Employee training rounded out the cybersecurity engagement and helped employees better identify ways that hackers try to infiltrate organizations, such as through social engineering and phishing scams.

“We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology to help serve our customers better,” said COO John Bernardin, “And Biscom helped us identify areas to improve on and ways we could enhance our security posture. This helps us give greater comfort to our clients whose personal information we handle on a daily basis.”

The Result

After the training, Bill Cleary engaged Biscom on a more personal matter. Traveling back from London, he was suspicious of a web site he used to expedite his re-entry through customs. He realized later the site was not an actual government site for Global Entry and called Biscom. Biscom’s cybersecurity team was able to walk Bill through the steps to minimize his potential exposure and risk of identity theft, and more importantly, provide peace of mind.

“I felt naked with all my confidential information in the hands of an unknown, non-government entity. Even after our security review was done, Biscom helped me by giving me concrete steps to reduce my exposure and risk. They truly went above and beyond.”

Biscom’s Cybersecurity Solutions

Biscom’s Cybersecurity Division provides security and risk assessment engagements as well as employee training to help improve a company’s cybersecurity posture. For small and mid-sized companies looking for a security review, Biscom can provide a fixed-cost cybersecurity review and training program for 25 to 500 employees. Contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Making sure the company was providing the best protection for their clients’ data
  • Ensuring employees understood cybersecurity best-practices
  • Biscom Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Built processes for improved security
  • Trained employees to identify hacker infiltration methods
  • Provided peace of mind to the agency and their customers


“They truly went above and beyond.”

Bill Cleary

Founder, Cleary Insurance


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