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Kforce Prevents Payment Delays with Non-Stop Business Continuity Solution


Kforce is a professional staffing firm that provides more than twelve million highly skilled contract professionals to thousands of companies in the technology, finance, banking, and healthcare industries. Established in 1962, the firm now boasts 60 offices across the United States and employs more than 3,000 staffing specialists working in America’s top companies, including a majority of the Fortune 100.


The Challenge

Managing challenges for a large and disparate workforce requires a reliable solution for payroll. Kforce uniquely uses fax services to receive and process nearly one thousand expense reports, time cards, and contracts each month.

Error-free processing and reporting are critical to Kforce’s operations because processing problems lead to lost time, lost money, and an unhappy staff. Before deploying Biscom’s hybrid FAXCOM deployment with servers and cloud fax, Kforce used an unreliable cloud-only fax system that caused many problems. Frequent breakdowns caused delays in payments making for frustrated contract professionals, and a complete lack of visibility meant Kforce often didn’t know if or when faxes were being sent or received.

“The lack of visibility was causing major issues,” said Joseph Finnigan, Network Engineer of Information Technology at Kforce. “We weren’t able to tell if faxes were sending or being received until contractors told us they weren’t getting paid. This was a real problem and severely impacted payment processing and contracted employment. We had to fix it.”

The absence of the customer service from their fax vendor made matters worse. Kforce received little help, resulting in precious IT hours spent troubleshooting the system. As issues escalated, Kforce engineers were spending upwards of 10% of their time each month resolving IT problems and creating workarounds to pay contractors while the system was down.

“The customer support of our old fax solution was terrible,” Finnigan said. “It’s the reason we decided to change to a new company. Going through our IT team to both research and resolve problems, and send out new time cards to staffers resulted in a ton of time lost. Delayed payments were also causing us to lose potential business.”





  • Failed faxes and delayed payments resulted in wasted money and lost business
  • Zero visibility into a broken cloud system wasted IT time and resources
  • Poor customer service and support caused internal frustration


  • Biscom Hybrid FAXCOM Deployment with servers and cloud fax


  • Payments are now sent quickly and on time to contracted professionals
  • Total visibility into faxes sent and received
  • Increased security of the contract professionals’ personal information
  • Superior customer service and support

FAXCOM dramatically improved the Kforce workflow. We never have problems getting workers paid anymore

Joseph Finnigan,

Network Engineer, Kforce

A Winning Solution

At any moment, Kforce could encounter a new problem paying their vast database of employees, or potentially miss out on new business opportunities due to payment delays. Something had to change, so Kforce set out to find a new fax solution that provided reliability and visibility backed by active customer support.

In its search for a better solution, Kforce discovered Biscom’s powerful hybrid fax solution, a combination of FAXCOM servers and FAXCOM Anywhere cloud faxing and quickly realized it was the best solution for their needs. Specifically, Biscom’s FAXCOM offered:

  • Reliability and low maintenance to ensure Kforce contracts are always paid on time.
  • Accessibility and visibility, that gives Kforce total access to the system so they always know when faxes are sent and received.
  • Flexibility, that offers Kforce both on-premises fax servers for core faxing, and cloud-based faxing for business continuity.
  • Superior customer support, so Kforce engineers can get back to business innovation.

Biscom’s FAXCOM solution has never failed us.  Its customer support is superior and their sales team is always responsive.  Along with the excellent support, the solution’s ease-of-use and reliability has notably improved our business

Joseph Finnigan

Network Engineer, Kforce

Quick Payment Turnaround and Reliability with Biscom’s FAXCOM

With FAXCOM, concerns about switching costs and staff education never became reality. For Kforce, implementation was quick and simple; its staff spent less than a day learning the system.

Before Biscom, Kforce faxes were lost, left out, or thrown away. This meant sensitive, personal information risked compromise. FAXCOM eliminates this risk because it centrally stores contractor’s important data and documents, such as time cards and expenses. It also only grants authorized personnel access to this sensitive information, keeping contract professionals data secure at all times and helping Kforce remain compliant with privacy regulations, including HIPAA.

Security and privacy are further enhanced by the visibility FAXCOM offers. Kforce can now track and manage every fax sent and received, which allows IT staff paid correctly and on time. This visibility also helped Kforce decrease turnaround time for paying staffing specialists and contracted professionals, allowing it to mobilize a much larger workforce.

“FAXCOM dramatically improved the Kforce workflow,” Finnegan explained. “With the ability to route faxes to different inboxes and other systems, we never have problems getting workers paid anymore. We’ve also been able to increase the number of faxes we send and receive, without the worry of failed deliverability.”

After successfully implementing the FAXCOM server-based solution, Kforce then added FAXCOM Anywhere cloud faxing for business continuity. This gave Kforce confidence that no fax will ever be lost because even in the event of a connectivity problem, FAXCOM will automatically switch to the cloud to send and receive faxes. And because FAXCOM and FAXCOM Anywhere use the same user interface, the addition didn’t require any new training.

“Biscom’s FAXCOM has never failed us,” said Finnigan. “Its customer support is superior and their sales team is always responsive. Along with the excellent support, the solution’s ease-of-use and reliability have improved our business.”

Such confidence in FAXCOM helped Kforce make the decision to remove individual B1 lines from its 60 offices across the country. An activity that, when complete, will save the company an estimated $54,000 per year.

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