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Every day millions of users at over five thousand companies worldwide rely on Biscom for secure and reliable document delivery solutions. Founded in 1986 by S.K. Ho, Carlos Mainemer, and Bill Agudelo, Biscom pioneered the fax server and computer fax marketplaces with FAXCOM® and its award-winning fax management solutions. Since then, Biscom has developed expertise and solutions around secure file transfer, synchronization, file translation, and mobile devices, designed to deliver mission-critical reliability, streamline workflows and reduce costs. Supported by our highly responsive support team, Biscom remains committed to developing innovative content delivery solutions for the world’s largest organizations.

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About Biscom

Biscom, headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, pioneered the development of the first enterprise fax server. Since 1986, Biscom has provided the most scaleable and reliable secure document delivery and file sharing solutions to the world’s largest enterprises.