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Epic Fax Integration

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Epic used Biscom’s application program interface (API) to integrate their applications directly with Biscom’s on premise and cloud base faxing solutions.  The integration allows for easier healthcare faxing that sends faxes directly from 12 workflows within Epic including EMR and Radiant systems.
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  • Increases patient information security and helps achieve HIPAA compliant faxing by maintaining documents in digital form. 
  • Increases productivity by streamlining the process of sending faxes.
  • Receive faxes into Epic while storing the fax image in your Epic approved document management solution.
  • Supports easy deployment by the Epic administrator.
  • Can be implemented with either an on-premises FAXCOM Server or Biscom’s hosted fax service.


With FAXCOM for Epic, that secure exchange of patient records becomes even more secure. Because Epic client users can send faxes right from the Epic client, there is no need to print the document to be faxed. The fax integration automatically extracts both the sender and the recipient information, adding additional protection for patient information. Epic client fax senders can also see the transmission statuses of outgoing faxes. When a fax fails to be transmitted by the fax server, the Epic Print Service (EPS) will return a failed status to the sender, who can then alert the admin team.

After setting your Biscom fax solution, contact your Epic Technical Advisor for installation and help with the Epic Biscom integration.

Sending a Fax

Inside of Epic a user sends a fax. The EPS Server processes the fax, hands it off to the fax server and waits for the fax server to send it. Only when the fax is sent is a completed status returned. The end user will see the same completed status in printout tracking, but now it will mean that the fax was actually sent. If a fax fails after EPS delivers it to the fax server, EPS will return a failed status.

 Failed faxes can easily be resent from the Biscom Windows and web clients.

Epic Integration Detail

Receiving a Fax

Inbound faxes based on the fax number, barcode reading or caller id can be automatically routed to a folder on the customer’s network as either a Tiff, PDF or searchable PDF image.     An Epic approved document management solution such as Hyland OnBase will scan the folder to import the fax into the document management solution and attach a link to the appropriate patient record within Epic.
Epic Receiving a Fax Graphic