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Leveraging the etherFAX Network, Enterprises Utilizing Biscom Fax Servers Can Send and Receive Documents, Including Fax to Direct

Biscom Fax Servers are the number one production fax server for high-volume production faxes, with more than 3,000 enterprise customers in healthcare, financial services, legal, manufacturing, government, infrastructure, transportation, retail, and other segments. The partnership between the two companies will allow Biscom Fax Servers to leverage all the benefits of etherFAX, including fax to Direct.

“We are excited to have Biscom integrate and support the etherFAX ecosystem,” said Paul Banco, CEO of etherFAX. “This partnership will further expand our network’s reach, allowing enterprise organizations across industries and specifically healthcare exchange business-critical information securely and efficiently.”

“Our partnership with etherFAX will give customers new options to simplify their telephony back-end,” said Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom. “We’re all about providing choices for our customers so they can deploy what’s best for them.”

Transparent to users, Biscom fully supports the etherFAX service. Instead of utilizing costly telephony networks, etherFAX offers cloud-based transport.

Building on the success of an initial implementation, Biscom has expanded its relationship with etherFAX and together the companies are expanding the largest fax network for secure document delivery.

The integration between etherFAX and Biscom is currently available. To learn more, visit:

About etherFAX

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