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FAXCOM Suite 10.3.02 Update Improves Large Workflow Efficiency



Biscom’s latest update of FAXCOM Suite 10.3.02 is now available. With a massive reduction in processing time for large workflows, this newest FAXCOM release continues to demonstrate Biscom’s commitment to improving our fax solutions. While some fax vendors have decreased their investment in platform improvements, Biscom continues to lead the industry with recent improvements in usability and performance.

Biscom continuously releases software updates and innovates products to make customers’ faxing environments as efficient as possible and help them drive business results. The goal of the latest update was to help customers who have large and complex workflows, many in healthcare. The ability to access mission-critical documents, medical records, and other patient information quickly is essential for healthcare organizations to meet their patient needs. With the new update, new product functionality ensures quick access to important information in complex workflows.

One healthcare customer needed to have access to 800,000 faxes consisting of critical medical information and was looking to improve their workflow processing time, gaining quicker access to faxes in their departmental workflows. After sharing their challenges, we looked into their needs and developed new functionality to improve processing speed by 94%.

With the new algorithm in this update, the healthcare company’s mailbox servers were able to more efficiently sort faxes to complex workflows and improved the workflow speed.

Creating better product functionality for customers is always one of Biscom’s top priorities. We have more exciting fax functionality coming out in 2018 and we look forward to sharing with you.

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