Biscom File Conversion

Easily convert documents to and from multiple file formats for viewing.

Format incompatibility between systems can be costly and get in the way of growth. Document conversion software from Lincoln & Co., a division of Biscom, converts documents to and from multiple file formats for faxing, imaging, and printing. It’s used by leading OEMs, service bureaus, and end-users worldwide for their fax, document management, and print systems solutions.

Lincoln’s PCL, PDF, and PostScript Converters convert PostScript to TIFF, PCLs to TIFF, and PDFs and other documents to and from multiple file formats. The PCL and PS viewers display PostScript and PCL (including PCL6/PCL-XL) files.

Image Converters 

Convert PCL and PostScript documents to TIFF, JPEG, PCX/DCX, and PDF using GUI, command line, or COM programming interfaces.

Image Viewers 
Generate quality views of PCL and PostScript images with the Long Document Viewer (LDV), and the Pageview applications.

Different Needs, One Solution


Your customers can benefit from our software without even being aware of it. For example, a document management company can use file conversion applications to convert retrieved documents into a viewable file format.


You can offer a value-added solution to your customers by integrating Lincoln’s file conversion and image viewing applications into business applications to satisfy specific customer requirements.

End Users

If you need to view PCL or PostScript files, our software is the solution. And if you work with many different file types, our file conversion applications can convert these to images or to other standard file formats.