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Implementing Faxing in Office 365 for Biscom
Note: You need to acquire a public DNS name or IP address for the Suite SMTP Gateway server (e.g. before this setup.

  1. Log in to the Office 365 Exchange admin center.
  2. On the left side navigator menu, select “mail flow” and then select “connectors”.
    Office 365 Exchange Admin Center
  3. Under Outbound Connectors, click the “+” button to create a new connector.
  4. On the “new outbound connector” window, enter a name for the new connector.
    Make sure “Enable outbound connector” and “On-premises” are selected for Connector Type.
    Office 365 New outbound connector
  5. Scroll down the “new outbound connector” window. Under “Outbound Delivery”, make sure “Route mail through smart hosts” is selected. Click the “+” button to add a SMART HOST. The “Network Settings” window will appear.
    Office 365 Outbound delivery
  6. On the “Network Settings” window, enter the DNS name or IP address of the Suite SMTP Gateway. Click Save.
    Office 365 Network settings
  7. Scroll down the “new outbound connector” window. Under Domains, click the “+” button to add a new domain for the connector. The “add domain” window will appear.
  8. On the “add domain” window, enter the fax domain for Suite SMTP Gateway (This is the fax domain specified during the Suite SMTP Gateway setup). Click OK.
    Office 365 add domain
  9. Check the option “Route all accepted domains through this connector”. The completed “new outbound connector” window should look like the following:
    Office 365
  10. Click Save to create the new outbound connector.
    Once the setup has finished, Outlook users can send faxes using the syntax <fax number>@<> (e.g. [email protected])