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ILTA has spoken – Keep it Simple S—–!

Bill Ho


Simplicity is Key

The International Legal Technology Association show of 2018 seems to have a common theme – simplicity! ILTA is a long-running show that is in National Harbor, MD this year, and vendors like Biscom showcase the various technologies that law firms use to support their technology infrastructure. I’m going to go out on a limb and state that simplicity is not just something desired in the legal industry, but across all industries. Keep it simple, easy to use, and intuitive, and you’ll build greater adoption of whatever security tools you deploy.

Our recent study we just published confirms this desire for simplicity. We found that the most common reason the whiz-bang security tools that companies invest in are underutilized is be because of complexity. When the average time to send a message or file out securely takes 8 minutes more than a few seconds it takes to send an email, you’re bound to get people who just don’t want to bother, even though they know full well that they are putting their firm at risk.

Well, we have an answer – Biscom Secure File Transfer, and our upcoming multi-tenant cloud solution Biscom Transit both are designed with the customer experience in mind – we make it extremely easy to send confidential files of any size, work as a secure email solution, and with a Microsoft Outlook add-in, mobile app, and other integrations – users don’t spend a lot of time having to figure out the intricacies of maintaining their cybersecurity posture.

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