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Kyocera Innovate 2018: Three Things I learned from MFP Dealers



Biscom Attends Kyocera Innovate 2018 Conference

After three jam-packed days at the Kyocera Innovate 2018 Conference in Orlando, Florida, I’m back home in Massachusetts. Biscom was demonstrating the AccuSender powered by Biscom solution that allows users to fax or send large files using Kyocera MFPs – without a fax card or analog lines.

Clearly the MFP market is doing well and dealers are looking for new solutions to bring value to their customers. After talking with many dealers, I left the show with a few insights.

1) Kyocera MFP dealers are eager to explore new ways of bringing value to their customers. The simple ‘drop in the machine and send bills’ model is long gone and has been replaced by a true customer-first model. I kept hearing “our customers will love this,” and “we are really building long-term relationships when we show them how to save money.” This focus on the customer and eagerness to bring value is a tenet both Kyocera and Biscom share.

2) Faxing using MFPs is HUGE. Every vendor shared with us that faxing is an important (and growing) revenue stream. While faxing is booming in healthcare, it is still a required communication method for many other industries. And as such, users are looking to reduce the cost of faxing. With the AccuSender powered by Biscom, users don’t need analog lines or fax boards. They simply use their MFP’s network connection. And if they want to send a large document (up to 998 pages) or send it to an email address, they can use the secure file transfer functionality.

3) Users need to easily send documents to email addresses securely. AccuSender by Biscom lets users select if they want to send a fax or send it as a secure message. With AccuSender, the MFP extends its value beyond simple print/scan/copy. And dealers can offer more consultative solutions to the their customers.

Overall, it was a great show and it was a great opportunity to speak with so many Kyocera dealers. Their customer commitment and focus on ROI was evident throughout the show. AccuSender by Biscom was a great hit too. Since dealers (and their customers) don’t have to put in a fax board and run analog lines it’s very easy to show ROI. Simple pricing, the ability to implement workflow, no per-user fees – it’s all very exciting and I’m looking forward to working closely with dealers to close more business and offer new and innovative solutions.

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