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In this live chat, we’ll share the story of three hospitals: Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, and Steward Healthcare, who switched to Secure File Transfer to share large files quickly, reliably, and securely.

We’ll uncover how these healthcare organizations adopted a secure document delivery system that saw cost-effective savings – money, time, and improving workflow – immediately.

These healthcare organizations started with a small pilot and have seen SFT grow organically across their ecosystem. We’ll share the process from fax, courier, USB-drives, and paper to full, integrated SFT solutions.

The three cases will address how to:

  • Replace Inefficient, Manual Sharing of Large Files
  • Remove File Size Limits
  • Gain Cost Efficiency that Impacts the Bottom Line
  • Get Detailed Tracking
  • Manage Users and Authentication
  • Address Concern and Risk of Errors, Delays, and Call Follow-up
  • Able to Scale Internally and with Partners

The objective is to help you create a strong pilot for a Secure File Transfer solution that can help accelerate digital transformation for your organization.

Live Chat with Biscom’s Panel of Experts

DATE: Thursday, October 29, 2020


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