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The Story of Three Hospitals who Saved Time, Money, and Improved Security by Adopting Secure File Transfer (SFT)



Three Hospitals who Switched to Secure File Transfer

Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, and Steward Healthcare

In this live chat, we share the story of three hospitals: Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, and Steward Healthcare, who switched to Secure File Transfer to share large files quickly, reliably, and securely.

We uncover how these healthcare organizations adopted a secure document delivery system that saw cost-effective savings – money, time, and improving workflow – immediately.

These healthcare organizations started with a small pilot and have seen SFT grow organically across their ecosystem. We’ll share the process from fax, courier, USB-drives, and paper to full, integrated SFT solutions.

The three cases address how to:

  • Replace Inefficient, Manual Sharing of Large Files
  • Remove File Size Limits
  • Gain Cost Efficiency that Impacts the Bottom Line
  • Get Detailed Tracking
  • Manage Users and Authentication
  • Address Concern and Risk of Errors, Delays, and Call Follow-up
  • Able to Scale Internally and with Partners

The objective is to help you create a strong pilot for a Secure File Transfer solution that can help accelerate digital transformation for your organization.

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