Biscom Mobile Fax for Court Administration




Review and approve search warrants and probable cause declarations

  • Sign and annotate documents with check marks, date, and time stamps
  • Return signed documents directly to law enforcement agencies
  • Respond to requests within minutes instead of hours

The Biscom Mobile App enables on-call justices and magistrates to review and approve search warrants and probable cause declarations. Judges can receive documents from law enforcement agencies, view them on an Apple iPad or Google Android tablet, annotate and sign the documents, and then return them to law enforcement agencies within minutes. There is no paper to handle and full audit trails of all received and approved documents are retained in a court’s data center –rather than on the mobile device.

Through a secure connection from the mobile device to the data center, judges can view the original fax in the Inbox of the Biscom Mobile App, where they can view all the pages of the document by tapping on it, and use the stroke of a finger to flip through the pages. When judges see a document that must be annotated or signed, they can their finger tip or a stylus to mark, sign, and date a copy of the document, while leaving the original fax intact for evidentiary purposes.


This simple yet powerful app on your mobile device can not only revitalize the process of signing and annotating documents, but also help you manage your
court’s flow of paper. For on-call judges, it reduces the need for law enforcement officers to knock on judges’ doors in the middle of the night to get warrants signed, while eliminating the hassle and costs of maintaining and operating fax machines in judges’ homes.

The Biscom Mobile App is much more than just a standalone app that runs on your Apple iOS or Google Android device. It fully extends Biscom’s secure enterprise fax solutions –whether installed in your data center or hosted by Biscom in the cloud – to your mobile devices. As search warrants and probable cause declarations are sent to the court by law enforcement agencies, the fax server can timestamp and archive the documents in secure servers in your data center before immediately forwarding the fax to a judge with a mobile device. When judges are finished annotating the document, they can send the signed document back to the law enforcement agency, with a subject and a memo included as a cover page. The document is delivered back to the law enforcement agency as a time and date stamped fax within minutes, while a copy of the signed search warrant and other documents are saved on the server in the data center.

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  • An Apple, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or higher
  • An Android Tablet or Phone (including Kindle Fire) running Android 2.1 or higher, with Adobe Reader installed
  • A previously installed instance of FAXCOM Suite Version or higher with Web services enabled
  • A FAXCOM Server – either on premises or hosted by the
  • FAXCOM Anywhere cloud-based fax service

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