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New Products

Introducing Biscom Transit
We’re proud to announce our newest product – Biscom Transit. Transit is a cloud-based large file transfer and secure messaging solution. With Transit, we aimed to build an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that mimics the look and behavior of email and delivers the powerful security that makes Biscom an industry-leader.
Biscom Digital Fax
Biscom Digital Fax lets users send and receive high-resolution color files with the security of fax and the ease of email. It works with computers, mobile devices, and multi-function printers (MFPs) and uses the Internet as a transport layer, obviating the need for traditional twisted pair analog phone lines.
  • Send or receive high resolution B&W or color documents, scans, and image files securely via the cloud
  • Converts files to date and time-stamped color pages
  • As easy to use as email
  • No phone lines
  • Confirmation of receipt
  • Mobile
Enterprise Fax Management
With fax environments becoming more complex – adding workflows, integrations, supporting multiple servers or cloud services, the list goes on – you need a way to maximize the value of your fax solution while being able to efficiently run and monitor it. Enter Biscom Enterprise Fax Management. This new product in the Biscom fax solution set allows you to see your whole fax environment from a single pane of glass.
  • Streamline control with integrated dashboard, management, and compliance tools
  • Create and apply configuration policies for fax objects
  • Develop policies and dynamically apply changes across the environment
  • Set alarms for real-time notification
FAXCOM for Epic Integration
Our enhanced fax integration was built to address customer requests for a more powerful fax option for the Epic EMR. Biscom’s integration addresses issues with troubleshooting failed faxes, searching all historical faxes, reporting, and monitoring.

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