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A common question that gets asked when someone is evaluating fax solutions is whether or not they integrate with existing applications. In the healthcare industry it is not only important that solutions can integrate with common systems such as Epic they must also be able to adhere to the standards and heavy scrutinization that occurs in a heavily regulated industry. Ensuring the security of Patient Health Information (PHI) is a must.

Fax integration with Epic

Biscom’s fax solutions enable users to submit faxes right from the Epic client, with no additional client software required. The fax integration automatically extracts both the sender and the recipient information, adding additional protection for patient information. By sending faxes directly from the Epic client the sender has no need to print out the original documents, keeping the exchange of patient information confidential and secure. Epic developers used Biscom’s .NET API for directly interfacing with Biscom’s fax solutions, both on premise and secure fax hosted service.

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