Last month, I had the chance to meet with Biscom customers and hear directly from them about their business challenges, how Biscom helps, and where we could improve our products and services to deliver even greater value.  Here is what I learned from those conversations during my first 100 days as CEO of Biscom.

Key Takeaways

Our solutions serve our customers well. The common refrain I heard repeatedly was “it just works and works well.” That is what we want to hear as it confirms we are achieving our mission of providing reliable, scalable, and flexible products and services that serve your mission-critical needs.

The Customer Success Team rocks! When you have questions or run into technical difficulties, our customer service representatives and account managers are always willing and able to help. We believe our people are what sets us apart, and you confirmed that. I am thrilled to hear such overwhelmingly positive feedback on the Biscom Customer Success Team.

Knowing our customer’s business landscape is critical.  We recognize and understand the business criticality of digital fax, and customers appreciate working with a US-based team. Our approach to customer success is different from other vendors who rely on offshore teams and electronic communications. When Biscom customers are onboarding, calling into support, or seeking consultation to handle new business needs, we respond and resolve challenges in quick order with expert staff.

Biscom has inbound fax capabilities.  Apparently, this is a “best-kept secret”! Many of our customers have been struggling with challenges, including data integration, systems integration, workflow tasks like renaming, splitting, routing faxes, and more. Biscom is focused on providing more capability and value after the secure transmission is complete, both for senders and receivers. Leveraging our workflow automation capabilities would free you from babysitting a fax machine all day and able to get back to the more important parts of your job.

To migrate or not to migrate! – Yes, that is the question. In today’s world, it is widely acknowledged that “moving to the cloud” can save on both time and operating costs, and many of folks are contemplating cloud migration for this reason. However, sometimes, taking a smaller first step toward a hybrid solution is a better choice. Our hybrid solution helps customers de-risk migration by splitting out the software applications and telecom moves. Either way, we have your back.

Release communications. As we go into 2023, we are committed to transparency and providing quarterly product updates to our customers and partners.

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