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Biscom SFT 6.0 is Now Available!



Biscom SFT 6.0

 SFT 6.0 is here and it’s a major upgrade from SFT 5.1. Biscom SFT 6.0 is the most secure and scalable file transfer solution on the market. This release is focused on security, privacy, and providing better data governance and control.

Our industry leading secure file transfer currently supports collaboration through secure workspaces, integrates with Microsoft Outlook with a handy plug-in, supports Microsoft Active Directory for enterprise deployments, has a REST API for integration and support for legacy systems, and supports automation through two rules-based agents AutoPost and AutoFetch.

With 6.0, new features address current concerns:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Support

  • As privacy concerns increase worldwide, GDPR aims to protect the privacy rights of EU citizens. This regulation impacts companies not just in the EU but any company that provides goods, services, or observes the behavior of an EU citizen.
  • EU citizens have certain rights related to how their personal data is being used, including the right to be forgotten (data erasure), right to be informed, and the right to opt out, among other things.
  • Biscom SFT 6.0 supports new governance controls with updated privacy notices, cookie policies and banners, and enhanced terms of service. Users can choose to be forgotten and SFT will remove identifying information of that user throughout the system.
  • Additionally, Biscom supports pseudonymization, which automatically removes associations and connections between users and their files and documents. All meta data is stripped to remove any identifying information.
  • All files and secure messages are encrypted using FIPS 140-2 certified AES 256-bit encryption – meeting stringent U.S. Federal requirements as well as data privacy requirements for GDPR.

Sophos AV Integration

  • Biscom has partnered with Sophos for anti-virus, and natively integrates the Sophos AV engine for fast and accurate malware protection. Files are automatically scanned upon upload so recipients can be assured of malware-free file downloads.
  • We’ve established a better cost structure than our previous AV provider, and are passing those savings along to our customers.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

  • We have partnered with Twilio to provide two factor authentication for those situations that require additional security around authentication. Administrators can enable MFA that would require users to enter a 6-digit code sent as an SMS text, in addition to their username and password. This additional layer of protection greatly increases the security when handling extremely sensitive data.

Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) support

  • ICAP is a protocol similar to HTTP that is used by anti-virus vendors, data loss prevention (DLP) servers, and content filters.
  • For example, if you have an AV solution that supports ICAP, you can offload AV scanning to your server.
  • When you tie SFT with your ICAP server, files uploaded to the system for delivery or for collaboration are sent to the remote server through ICAP, and a response is returned – this response can be that the file is valid or not. If it’s not valid, the file is not saved to SFT and is not delivered or included in the shared folder.

Biscom SFT 6.0 is offered as a subscription on a per user basis, or can be licensed site-wide. Existing customers on SFT 5.1 or earlier will have additional incentives to upgrade to 6.0 that can be discussed with your account manager.

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