Based on user feedback, new look continues Biscom’s mission to advance secure document delivery solutions for industries that rely on them most

  WESTFORD, MA – December 17, 2019 – Today, Biscom, a leading provider of secure document delivery for regulated industries, announced the release of the next generation of Biscom FAXCOM Web Client. The new version was designed based on thousands of customer interactions, incorporating new features and a new design to improve the customer experience. With more than 30 years of innovation in enterprise fax, FAXCOM has long been known for reliability and functionality. Biscom first introduced FAXCOM Web Client as an online fax solution that allowed users to send faxes directly from their web browser, eliminating the need to install software. For this latest update, Biscom’s design team analyzed thousands of customer interactions, combining data analysis with research and the latest in UX design in order to make FAXCOM Web Client more efficient and intuitive for users. The result is a sleeker platform that is easier and faster to use. The update comes as Biscom continues to bring new innovation to support customers’ ability to streamline fax solutions already deeply embedded into their systems, while offering a long-term path to shift workflows to more modern solutions, when and where it makes sense. As part of this effort, last year, Biscom launched Biscom Transit, a now multi-award-winning product that mimics email in its simplicity, while being able to securely deliver any size attachment. “Due to its reliability and security, fax, as a protocol, continues to be an important interoperability link in the chain of communication for organizations worldwide; most notably those operating in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and government,” said Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom. “With this update, we’ve streamlined the UX based on customer processes.” “The focus of the new FAXCOM web client release is an intuitive user experience for improved productivity,” said David Angelidis, Director of Sales at Instant InfoSystems. “Biscom listened to what customers needed and delivered it in a way that makes faxing more efficient, particularly for organizations in highly regulated industries. With no software to install, the upgrade is quick, and companies can begin using it immediately without training. We are very excited about this new release!” New features of FAXCOM Web Client include:
  • Cover Page Preview: Manage and select from multiple cover pages easily
  • Templates: Productivity enhancement that speeds up repetitive tasks
In addition, the updated FAXCOM Web Client comes with a new look and follows Google’s Material Design Guidelines to provide a familiar web interface for the user. In order to maximize adoption and minimize the cost of learning, deployment of the updated FAXCOM Web Client is quick and easy, with no desktop install required.
  • Centrally Administered: Administrators can control settings for all users, cutting administration and support costs
  • High Availability: For mission critical applications
  • Upgrades are Instantly Deployed: Simplifying operations for large organizations
The latest version of Biscom FAXCOM Web Client is available to all existing FAXCOM customers in December 2020. For more information about FAXCOM Web Client, visit About Biscom As the leading provider of secure document transfer solutions for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, government, legal, and financial services, Biscom continues to spearhead data security with its enterprise secure file transfer, collaboration, and fax solutions. Biscom uses its thirty years of experience to help some of the world’s largest organizations securely transmit and share information, keeping confidential data protected. Biscom leads the industry in innovation and outstanding customer support. Learn more at