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Speed the delivery of high-quality clinical lab reports to physicians

Laboratories are facing unprecedented change as they shift to providing value-based service. With IT demands increasing and profit margins decreasing, it’s vital that labs offer solutions that help healthcare professionals provide better care and lower costs.

Biscom Digital Fax provides a faster, secure, and more efficient way to deliver clinical diagnostic reports to physicians and patients, including the ability to quickly send the level of high-resolution color images needed for accurate diagnoses — without fax machines and analog telephone lines.

  • Speed up the ability of physicians to diagnose patients by delivering high-resolution reports that they can print in their office
  • Biscom Digital Fax sends high-resolution, color images for more accurate diagnoses
  • Lab reports are delivered using secure methods required to comply with HIPAA, CLIA, and other healthcare regulations
  • Automated deliveries increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide an accurate audit trail

How Biscom helps labs and physicians communicate better.

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Biscom Digital Fax can electronically deliver lab reports to applications, computers, and mobile devices

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