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Ensuring HIPAA Compliant Faxing/SFT throughout the healthcare industry

Healthcare Integrations


The integration of fax with healthcare EMR/EHR systems, revenue cycle, ERP systems, and lab & radiology systems (LIMs), are in wide use among healthcare delivery organizations, allowing them to adhere to meaningful use.

For applications such as:

  • Patient records
  • Test results
  • Medical billing
  • Pre-authorizations
  • Sheduling requests
  • Prescriptions
  • Other documents regulated by HIPAA
From vendors such as:

  • GE Healthcare
  • McKesson
  • Epic
  • Streamline
  • Cerner
  • Siemens
  • athenahealth
  • Passport/Experian
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Lost or misfiled documents are a major cause of delay that impacts patient satisfaction, but with Biscom your documents will always be there when expected.

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With integrated workflow, Biscom’s solutions will help you optimize your processes to save both time and money.

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Biscom’s secure document delivery products ensure HIPAA compliant faxing and keep patient records secure.

Applications in


Claims and Billing

Biscom offers the ability to quickly turn around invoices and informational requests to customers while avoiding the hassle of using costly fax machines. With our patented Add to List functionality; claims departments can print information from disparate sources in order to build a package before sending to a patient or insurance provider.


Medication orders from the pharmacy by fax can easily be received through the FAXCOM server and routed to a work queue to be accessed online by the pharmacist. Our fax client offers workflow functionality such as; robotic actions, timers, custom indexable fields, fax preview and ‘view next unread fax’ that allows work queues to be set up.

Medical Records

Reduce the expense of hardcopy storage and leverage the investment in your Electronic Medical Records system by allowing the same patient information being automatically faxed to physicians to be directly faxed into your EMR system. The rules based routing engine allows for delivery of incoming faxes to be delivered to any EMR or document management system.

Physician Orders

Biscom’s workflow client with OCR, intelligently routes incoming faxes and scanned paper documents where patient information is indexed and easily searchable. A user can search using a variety of criteria (date, time, location, patient’s name, etc.) and instantly view images of the original fax and all associated data. Plus, an audit trail for all activity is captured.


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