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Most organizations have outgrown the limitations and unfriendliness of the ubiquitous FTP server for sharing files, and now they require an FTP replacement solution that is simple, secure, and functional.

The ideal solution should also be easy to manage by the IT team, and support robust reporting and auditing.

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Biscom offers aFTP alternative secure file transfer solution that will replace your aging FTP server and provide a multitude of new features which are:

  • Easier to use than FTP
  • More secure and manageable
  • More automated, e.g. user management
  • Self-service – no IT involvement needed
  • Auditable with reports suitable for compliance needs

As you know, the majority of data breaches are unintentional (Chinese Hackers Breach Key US Weapons Designs).

Learn how to easily replace your FTP for a more secure and manageable system. Please join us July 23 at 2pm ET for a short webinar

Biscom SFT Secure File Transfer







FTP Replacement

FTP is a widely used file transfer method, but developed in a time when security was not a concern and there were only a handful of government agencies that used it. But because of the wide deployment of this free file transfer server, many enterprises standardized on this simple protocol. Today, users have outgrown FTP, and now require advanced functionality, security, and reporting. On top of all this, it must be easy to use for the less technical users. As an IT tool, FTP has its place, but for the general public, Secure File Transfer is a more robust, simpler, and more secure solution for sharing large and confidential files.


Although ease-of-use is a critical requirement, the primary IT concern with FTP is the lack of security and manageability. SFTP is often cited as a secure alternative, but it still requires significant technical knowledge by its users – server or IP addresses, client software installation, and other technical expertise is a must – not to mention that people trying to receive files through SFTP must also be similarly adept at this technical level.


As a web-based solution, BDS solves the ease-of-use problem, supports the largest files that FTP can send, and is significantly easier to run and manage by IT administrators. With ubiquitous browser-based access, mobile device support, and Outlook integration, BDS is the modern-day solution for aging FTP servers.