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Biscom SFT is an all-in-one secure file transfer solution for your business

Biscom Secure File Transfer is a solution that combines a secure email solution with a large file transfer capability, resulting in a system that can be deployed and used to handle large email attachments, serve as a secure email system, and replace FTP servers.

Biscom SFT is a software-only solution that runs in multiple environments:

  • On-premises server (physical or virtual)
  • Private cloud (using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and others)
  • Software-as-a-Service (pure public cloud) – Biscom SecureMail.

As easy to use as email:

  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in – lets users send files securely and supports large files without leaving email
  • Web client – supports drag and drop, Active Directory authentication, checkpoint restart, and Global Address Lists
  • Mobile devices – iOS and Android are fully supported with native apps – view, share, and send files with your smart device

Secure back-end architecture:

  • Three tiers – web (public facing), application, and data – for security and scalability
  • High availability – cluster each tier for instant failover and increased responsiveness
  • Scalable – supports your largest file transfer needs – no file size limits, and capable of millions of file transfers per week

Advanced Privacy and Security Features

  • GDPR – updated privacy notices, cookie policies, and enhanced terms of service
  • Sophos – recipients can be assured of malware free file downloads
  • MFA – added layer of security when handling extremely sensitive data
  • ICAP – anti virus scanning using remote server to validate files

With Biscom SFT, you can secure, manage, and track files sent both inside and outside your organization.