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Companies today face increasing pressure to ensure their documents are protected, both within the confines of the corporate network as well as when those documents are shared externally.  Biscom helps companies ensure sharing sensitive company documents is done in a secure and auditable manner.

secure_fax_imageLearn how companies can increase their confidence when sharing information, meet compliance requirements, and become more productive while also reducing costs and saving time using the most advanced fax and secure file transfer solutions available.

We’ll look at solutions being used today, and what you can do to better protect your sensitive documents and information:

  • Security and encryption techniques and architectures
  • Secure file transfer and secure fax technologies that will replace existing FTP and fax solutions
  • Considerations for high scalability deployments


This educational webinar will be led by two senior executives at Biscom:

Bill Ho, President of Biscom.  Bill has over 20 years of experience developing enterprise software solutions, and led product development of Biscom’s Secure File Transfer solution.

John Lane, Vice President Technical Support at Biscom.  John has over 17 years of experience in customer service and technology operations.  John is responsible for the implementation and support of enterprise software solutions at Biscom.