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How often do you share files and collaborate with coworkers throughout the day? Are you doing this as efficiently as possible? Biscom’s web-based SFT solution replaces email and FTP as a secure, simple way to share files across your organization. If you’re still relying on outdated, unsecure systems, you could be wasting valuable time. Check out the many ways Biscom’s secure file transfer service can help you regain that time and boost productivity.

No Need for IT
When you need to send a secure file over FTP, chances are you need to track down an IT admin. Maybe you send an email request for assistance, or get up from your desk to walk over to the IT area. Save yourself the trip and the hassle, and send files on your own. Our system is completely secure while remaining easy enough for end users to operate without IT involvement. Our self-service system is simple and intuitive, which saves you time and frees up IT to focus on other issues.

Easy Collaboration
Collaborative projects can easily get disorganized and end up wasting valuable time. Stop sorting through confusing email chains and create a secure shared workspace with our secure file transfer service instead. Easily collaborate with internal and external users. Share files, comments, and track activity history. You can even enable notifications so you know when changes have been made.

Detailed Reporting
Gain valuable information about your organization’s workflow with our detailed reporting tools. Get insight into activity across the secure file transfer service to identify areas where you can improve productivity. With Biscom’s reporting capabilities, you can see which users are most active and which files are downloaded most so you can adjust your workflow accordingly.

Use it On The Go
What happens when you need to leave the office to pick up the kids but still have work to do? With Biscom SFT you can pick up where you left off securely from home. Our web-based client can be accessed from anywhere, and mobile access is available on both iOS and Android.

Unlimited File Size
Sending large files through ordinary email can result in frustrating error messages and wasted time. With Biscom SFT you’re not restricted by Outlook or Exchange file sizes. Our secure file transfer system allows you to transfer even large files quickly and efficiently.